SA CARS FOR YOU is a Referral Recommendations Company intended to 
meet the needs of clients in the blacklisted & high risk Area.

Struggling to get VEHICHLE FINANCE ? 

WE can HELP you to get the CAR you DESERVE!


Tel no: 087 802 7081

Fax no: 086 226 1515


We at SA CARS FOR YOU have been in the financial industry for several years and understand that clients which are already listed do not need their application to float around and damage their credit rating further, that is why we at SA CARS FOR YOU only send your application to the right institutes from the start in order to find what you are looking for without any further Credit damage.

There is no use to apply with several Institutes if you can be assisted from the start with the right recommendations.

We at SA CARS FOR YOU have a fixed service level agreement with our Agents not to shop around with our customers and also have agreed only to do what is asked of them. We have a 48 hour feedback policy to insure our clients are always informed regards to their credit application